There are two principals. Cesar Gonzalez and Modris Reinbergs

Cesar is an accomplished, leading industry expert with an impressive portfolio of successful development projects in Latin America and the United States and more than 30 years proven background in 4-5-star hospitality and operations/development.

After graduating from Cornell University, he immediately embraced the hotel industry and dedicated himself to bringing excellence and detail to all the projects involved. His General Management career started at the young age of 26 with Winegardner and Hammons, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. After seven years with the organization, he joined Hilton and Marriott hotels, successfully opening and turning around properties. During his tenure, he successfully marketed properties and secured key contracts with major wholesale distributors and corporations  throughout Latin America and the United States.

Cesar joined Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 1995 and became General Manager of the Yacht and Beach Resort, Contemporary Resort and the Fort Wilderness Resort during his six-year career. In addition to teaching courses at Disney University on Brand Integrity and The Passion for Service, the hotel guest satisfaction service matrix was ranked among the top Disney Resorts and surpassed budget expectations. After leaving Disney, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and he initiated consulting projects with major resorts and boutique hotels in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Guadalajara,   

Cesar’s vast experience encompasses mid-tier, upscale, and luxury hotels and resorts, ranging in size from 120 to 1200 rooms. An essential element of his success is the innate attention to detail without compromising fiscal objectives. Because of his versatile background, Cesar blends seamlessly with the on-site team and easily transitions to new strategies and procedures, by monitoring and providing support on-site or remote support to your property.


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Modris has 29 years' consulting experience. He was the first Corporate Planning officer for the National Development Corporation of Tanzania under the tutelage of the world's foremost consulting firm: McKenzie consultants. His work involved critical analysis of hospitality and other development projects and doing share evaluations for takeovers and mergers  Example: merger of Tusker beer and Kilimanjaro brewing companies. Earlier in Canada he worked under Joe Kates before he joined Peat Marwick and Mitchell (KPMG).

Modris has 11 years experience as an Expert Financial and regulatory witness. He has performed many feasibility studies, project evaluations, forecasts and risk assessments. He has used tools such as PERT (Project evaluation and review technique) charts, Decision trees, ROI analysis, Palisades @RISK Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube simulations. He has also lead a Delphi group of foreigh exchange forecasters including Bank of Canada for inputs to hedging strategies to safeguard against foreign exchange losses for long term project investments. He has authored a publication on this subject. He has served as a Planning, Programming, Budgetting Officer for the Government of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Modris has served as the Chief Economist for the Canadian Manufacturers Association, the Wisconsin Public service commission and the Oaklahoma Corporation commission. He has a series 7 stockbroker qualification. He has been the Computer Group chairman of the Washington, D.C. American association of Individual Investores. He has served on the Board of Directors of the D.C. and Ottawa chapters of the North American Society for Gorporate Planning (NASCP).

Modris is an expert at applying Advanced Decision making tools, running the models and interpreting the results. He is also an expert at drawing up Corporate business and strategy plans with quantifiable tasks and objectivesthat are assigned to your managers for execution.

Modris is also a Hospitality Executive search consultant. He also has 11 years' experienceas an Expert Witness in litigation support.